Phase- 1:- Members who deposited their shares for additional land. Land purchased and uploaded to DDA and they will be in Phase-1. | Phase-2:- Members who did not deposited their additional land cost. They are marked for Phase-2. Since entire land of all members has been uploaded on DDA Website as and when develop land returned by DDA, proportionate FSI will be allotted to them. | 24x7 SECURITY, WATER SUPPLY, WIFI | Refund: - Efforts are being made to get new members. If adequate members join, refunds will be affected. Members are requested to be considerate. DDA is expediting implementation of LPP. | L ZONE TO BE A MODEL CITY | 24x7 SECURITY, WATER SUPPLY, WIFI | WORLD CLASS MODERN FACILITIES | ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION WITH WIDE ROAD | LIMITED NUMBERS OF FLATS ARE AVAILABLE IN EACH CATEGORIES | MEMBERS ARE REQUESTED TO ACCOMMODATE THEIR FAMILY FRIENDS OR RELATIVES.

How to Become a member
ABS Vision Home welcomes you to become a prestigious member of the organization and avail the benefits! The membership is provided on First Come First Serve Basis. Any applicant who fulfils the eligibility criteria elucidated below and subject to the approval of the Governing Body of the organisation will be deemed a member.
Eligibility Criteria:
(i) Applicant should be above 21 years age.
(ii) Applicants should fulfil the terms and conditions of the Society.
(iii) Applicants should be minimum a graduate.
(iv) Applicant should be any one of following:
a. Serving or Retired Officer of Defence Services, Government, Semi-Government or PSU and their Spouse, Children, Parents or Blood relatives.
b. Highly qualified corporate leaders.
Steps to follow:

Step 1: Apply for membership with form duly filled in and supporting documents attached along with full payment of membership fee. Payment of membership Fee may be made by NEFT / A/c Payee Cheque / Demand Draft payable at Delhi in favour of "ABS Vision Home". All documents should be submitted to Secretary, ABS Vision Home at the address stated above by Speed Post/Courier or in person.

Step 2: Membership will be provided after due verification and confirmation of information provided in the application. Applicant will be intimated of the status of his/her membership as and when approved. In case of rejection of application, applicant will be refunded membership fee.

Step 3: On confirmation of allotment of membership for the dwelling unit, initial payment of the money for Land as per selected size of dwelling unit will be made within 30 days of allotment of membership e.g. 2BHK, 3BHK etc. (For the current project this cost is required with the application since land has already been identified and advance paid)

Step 4: Payment of the remaining amount of land cost to be made within 120 days of membership. (This period for the current project this period has been suspended as entire land cost has to be paid by 30th September 2014).

Note: Membership Approval will be at the sole discretion of the Governing Body. The decision of Governing Body on approval shall be final and the Governing Body shall not be liable to furnish reason for rejection to the applicant.

Membership Charges

The Membership fee is Rs. 21,000/- (Rupees Twenty One Thousand Only)

Transfer/Surrender of Membership

Any member can surrender or transfer his / her membership to any other eligible person without paying any charges. The original member shall submit a written application to Secretary, ABS Vision Home regarding transfer/surrender. The transfer/surrender shall be done subject to the terms & conditions of the Society and after due approval of the Governing Body and after obtaining NOC from the organisation. The NOC shall be given after clearance of all pending dues to the organisation. The original member will provide all requisite documents to the transferee. (Please refer to Para 4(e) and (h) of the By Laws)